Bio-hazard decontamination

Bio-hazard generally refers to situations where we are dealing with infected blood or other bodily fluids from human beings. Blood, vomit, faeces, and semen can carry a host of viruses which if touched can leave you and your family severely ill with sometimes fatal consequences. Please do not attempt to clean up any bodily fluids which are from somebody outwith your household.

Our specially trained teams can work quickly and discreetly to decontaminate bio hazardous situations to make your home safe again.

Occasionally furniture and furnishings can also get damaged and if these cannot be decontaminated effectively we can arrange for the disposal of these items.

Used needle sweeps

Used needles are not just a nuisance but rather a potentially fatal hazard. Please do not attempt to remove used drug needles yourself. The risk of infecting yourself with blood borne pathogens such as AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), Hepatitis are too great to ignore.

Our specialist bio hazard teams are trained to collect and dispose of used drug needles in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.