Bio-Hazard Decontamination

We can quickly and discreetly treat and decontaminate any situations where any type of bodily fluid has been spilled such as blood, faeces, vomit. The areas can be sanitised and made safe from any blood borne pathogens immediately. This takes away the adverse health and safety considerations for staff, customers and paying guests.

There are also occasions where people attempt to take their lives and we have also been trained to decontaminate and clean the areas quickly to get the them back on available as quickly as possible. We can also provide advice on any soft furnishings that have been affected and if necessary remove them for off site cleaning and decontamination.

Any items not salvageable will be disposed of in accordance with local authority treated / bio hazard waste regulations. We will provide full consignment notes and before any job is started we will carry out full risk assessments for our technicians as well as any other persons potentially affected. Health and safety is our primary consideration.

Used needle sweeps

We have also been trained to collect and dispose of used needles. Drug users often leave these wherever they use them and they pose a serious and potentially life threatening risk to anyone around them. We will decontaminate and then dispose of them minimising the risk of cross contamination of blood borne pathogens such as AIDS and Hepatitis B.