What is a loss adjustor and what do they do ?

Smaller insurance claims are generally handled by restoration companies like Rainbow International. However, when insurance claims become larger – typically where there is a fire, or there is damage to kitchens or bathrooms insurance companies ask independent assessors / surveyors called loss adjustors to get involved with the claim.

Loss adjustors are experts in ascertaining the exact value of the damage and their role is to negotiate a fair settlement on behalf of the insurance company with the policy holder. There is a common misconception that loss adjustors are there to be unfair or favour insurance companies but in our experience that isn’t the case. Their role is to put the policy holder back in the position they were prior to the fire or flooding incident.

Insurance companies understand that the restoration costs will be higher where there is a fire or kitchens have been damaged and they appoint loss adjustors to make informed decisions on their behalf as they cannot be physically present in the buildings to make first hand judgements.

Loss adjustors see the damage with their own eyes and then they appoint contractors to carry out the work for the insurance company. Once a claim is passed over to a loss adjustor, they are in charge of the claim and make the key decisions.

The best advice when you are involved with a loss adjustor on an insurance claim is to be open and honest about the damage. Please bear in mind they are trained experts and can see everything for themselves. If you work with them they can make the whole process much easier and simpler.

If you have a claim that is being handled by a loss adjustor but require some independent advice please call us on 01274 588011.

If your loss adjustor has asked you to get some quotes for the building work and you are unsure what to do, you can speak to one of our dedicated team who will be able to assist you further.

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